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This interactive network graph illustrates party and third party actors to national agreements contained in the Peace Agreement Database (PA-X).

  • Click on a node (circle) to highlight its connections, and to find out more information on it. Select more than one using Ctrl+
  • Select an agreement (navy circles), to show relevant agreement information and a link to the agreement text in PA-X on the sidebar.
  • Click an actor node to highlight and show a list of all agreements they have signed.
  • See our step-by-step user guide for navigating the networks as a PDF Guide or in our YouTube playlist.
  • See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

The data used in this network has been extracted from the Peace Agreements Database (PA-X):

  • Bell, C., & Badanjak, S. (2019). Introducing PA-X: A new peace agreement database and dataset. Journal of Peace Research, 56(3), 452-466. Available at