Adadda Peace Agreement

  • Country/entity
  • Region
    Africa (excl MENA)
    Africa (excl MENA)
    Africa (excl MENA)
    Africa (excl MENA)
  • Agreement name
    Adadda Peace Agreement
  • Date
    15 May 1997
  • Agreement status
    Multiparty signed/agreed
  • Interim arrangement
  • Agreement/conflict level
    Intrastate/local conflict ( Somali Civil War (1991 - ) )
  • Stage
    Framework/substantive - comprehensive
  • Conflict nature
  • Peace process
    Somali Local Peace Processes
  • Parties
    Communities of Adadda.
  • Third parties
  • Description
    Short agreement to be implemented by the community elders providing for management of resources according to customary law, preventing deforestation, preventing water catchment structures, reimbursement for those who have had their water catchments destroyed.

Local agreement properties

  • Process type
    Formal structured process
  • Rationale
    This is the first of a series of initiatives aimed at resolving the conflict in Adadda between 1997 and 2007. The parties to the agreement were hosted by Bah Ararsame traditional elders in Qoriley. Later initiatives in 2007 were more formally supported, including by the Puntland administration.
  • Is there a documented link to a national peace process?
  • Link to national process: articulated rationale
    Neither the agreement text nor limited background research suggests a link to a national-level peace process.
  • Name of Locale
    Adadda area
  • Nature Of Locale
  • GPS Lat/Long (DD)
    7.897211, 47.641990
  • Participant type
    Local state actor
    Local armed group
    Domestic religious organisation/leader or other elder
  • Mediator, facilitator or similar
    Mediator or similar referred to
    Mediator (references)
    Mediator: Mediating committee
    Type of mediator/facilitator/similar
    Domestic religious organisation/leader or other elder

Local issues

  • Ritual/prayer and process (including use of scripture)

    No specific mention.

  • Grievance List
    It is implicit and it refers to the construction of berkedo which are concrete water reservoirs.
  • Cattle rustling/banditry

    No specific mention.

  • Social cover

    No specific mention.

Adadda Agreement, 1997

The mediating committee proposed the following:

- Immediate dismantling of forces at Kur’aad

- Management of resources ( in this case water ) through xeer, or customary law

- Formation of berkedo in common grazing areas are prohibited

- For environmental reasons, deforestation is prohibited

- Use of movable plastic reservoirs will substitute construction of [permanent] berkedo

- Nugaal authorities will monitor and regulate the building of new berkedo in Tukaale as well as other nearby common grazing land;

- Nugaal authorities are also responsible for reimbursement for destruction of berkedo;

- Community elders shall administer the implementation of the mediating committee’s recommendations;