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Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities between the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and the South Sudan National Liberation Movement/Army (SSNLM/A)

  • Country/entity

    South Sudan
  • Region

    Africa (excl MENA)
  • Agreement name

    Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities between the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and the South Sudan National Liberation Movement/Army (SSNLM/A)
  • Date

    2 Apr 2016
  • Agreement status

    Multiparty signed/agreed
  • Interim arrangement

  • Agreement/conflict level

    Intrastate/intrastate conflict ( Sudan Conflicts (1955 - ) )
  • Stage

  • Conflict nature

  • Peace process

    South Sudan post-secession process
  • Parties

    For the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, Hon. Tut Gatluak Manimi (Presidential Advisor) (Signed);
    For the South Sudan National Liberation Movement (SSNLM), Commander Mbereke John Faustino (Leader) (Signed)
  • Third parties

    For the Faith Based Mediation Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala, Bishop and Chairperson of Faith-based Council. (Signed) Witness to this Agreement: UNMISS Representative, South Sudan Headquarter (signature illegible). Stakeholders: Chief Wilson Peni Rikito, Paramount Chief, Representative of Traditional Authority. (signed) Simple John Bakeaki, Youth Representative, Civil Society Organization Christine Joseph Ngbaazande, Representative of Women Group-WES.
  • Description

    Short agreement outlining ceasefire provisions between the Government of South Sudan and the South Sudan National Liberation Movement.

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    Page 5, Stakeholders,
    ... Christine Joseph Ngbaazande, Representative of Women Group-WES.

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    Page 5, Stakeholders,
    ... Christine Joseph Ngbaazande, Representative of Women Group-WES.
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2ND APRIL, 2016


This Agreement (herein referred to as Agreement) signed BETWEEN the government of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and the South Sudan National Liberation Movement/Army (SSNLM/ A), both parties hereinafter referred to as the parties witnessed that:

Whereas the RSS and the SSNLM/A are currently engaged in negotiations to find solutions to the crisis taking place in the Country generally and specifıcally in the former Western Equatoria State in general and the conflict between the parties in particular;

Determined to see to it that the states of Gbudue and Maridi and the Nation at large should not plunge into conflict again;

Committed to finding durable solutions to the conflict through dialogue for peaceful end.

Convinced of the urgent ııeed for peace and reconciliation in the Gbudue and Maridi Statesand South Sudan at large;

United to realize the vision of the Nation where communities live and coexist in peace and harmony;

Cognizant of the need to create conducive environment for the successful completion of the negotiations and implementation;

NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree to a cessation of hostilities as follows:

I. Affirmation of ceasefire and cessation of Hostilities

1. The parties agree to affirm the ceasefire declaration

2. The parties agree to immediate cessation of hostilities and are committed to non-aggression between them.

They shall refrain from any other action that may undermine the negotiations in Yambio.

3. As a gesture of goodwill and affirmation of this cessation of hostilities agreement the Parties agree to investigate and release any detainee alleged to be member of SSNLM/A or verse versa who are still in custody as soon as possible.

II. Neutrality

The SSNLM/A agrees to remain neutral in the ongoing conflict between the SPLA and any other armed groups.

In the cantonment area and after integration

III. Peace Zone

The parties agree that the territories under the assembling area of the SSNLM/A shall remain zone of peace.

IV. Assembling Area

The Parties agree that there shall be an Assembling Point to be identifıed by both parties.

V. Hostile propaganda

The parties agree to refrain from all hostile propaganda or any hateful expression aimed at each other.

They agree that no communication regarding this cessation of hostilities Agreement should be made to the public without mutual agreement and the agreement of the mediation team of this peace negotiation.

VI. Supervision/monitoring of the implementation

1. There shall be a Cessation of Hostilities Monitoring Team (CHMT) that shall report to the Team concerned and shall be composed of Nine (9) Members. (

the team will compose a member of Interfaith, SSNLM, National Security, SPLA, Police, UNIMISS and one of the civil societies)

a) Joint military team composed of SPLA and SSNLM/A


c) Mediating!

third party (Interfaith mediating teaın)

2. The terms of reference for the team shall include, but not necessarily limited to:

a) Monitoring and implementation of this agreement

b) Investigation and verification of any allegation of violation

c) Providing early warning about matters that might undermine the implementation of this agreement and take appropriate measures to defuse them.

d) Reporting violations to the concemed authority

c) Amicable resolution of any disagreements arising out of the implementation and interpretation of this agreement.

f) Reporting violations and cases which could not be amicably resolved to the concemed authority.

VII. Humanitarian Assistance

The parties shall continue to open corridors for humanitarian support to affected areas and communities in Gbudue and Maridi States.

VIII Commencement of the agreement

The agreement shall come into force on the date of signature of this agreement by the parties in witness of the above, the representatives of the government of South Sudan and the SSNLM/A have signed this agreement on the 2nd April, 2016 in Yambio, former Western Equatoria State HQ

Signatures of Parties, Chairperson of the Faith Base group, other Stakeholders, Civil Society Organization, and Witnesses to this Agreement.


Hon. Tut Gatluak Manimi

Presidential Advisor

For the Government

Republic of South Sudan (RSS)


Barani Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala

Bishop and Chairperson of Faith based Council

Commander Mbereke John Faustino


For South Sudan National

Liberation Movement (SSNLM)


UNIMISS Representative

South Sudan



Chief Wilson Peni Rikito Paramount Chief

Represent ive of Traditional Authority

Simple John Bakeaki

Youth Representative

Civil Society Organization

Christine Joseph Ngbaazande

Representative of Women Group -WES