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6. Map Visualising Peace Agreements in Time and Space

Agreements - Process Map

A timeline and map of peace agreements that you may explore simultaneously across three dimensions: year, location, and topic.

5. Back and Forth in Peace Negotiations

Messy Peace Processes

Explore the contrast between an ideal peace process and the messy reality, as our data captures the stages of agreements signed.

7. Peace Agreement Sequence Comparison across Countries

Compare Processes

Explore and compare how different peace agreements in case countries unfold over time. Links to main documents and data.

4. Peace Agreement Hierarchy & Continuity in Key Issues

Data Overview Visualization

Explore the diversity of Peace Agreements through time, revealing their coverage and evolution in issues addressed.

13. Yemen Timeline

Yemen Timeline

Conflict events & peace and transition documents in Yemen through connected national and local peace initiatives from 1990 onwards, in Arabic /عربى or in English.

12. Alluvial of Mentions Issues Coded in PA-X V3

Peace Agreement Content Alluvial

Alluvial of mentions is a tracker of 293 categories and issues/sub-issues along the PA-X collection of peace agreements.